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Bonsai Workshops


Beginning Bonsai Dance

Elemental Flow (Milaca)

  April 14th

Sunday 2:15-4:15pm  

 Milaca Mn, His Hands Dance Studio

In this workshop we will learn what bonsai is all about!  Our first level of Bonsai, Elemental Flow, is inspired by the elements of nature: earth, water fire air and spirit!  You will learn how to flow through these elements with ease and use them in your practice or for moving meditation.

Learn more about Bonsai HERE

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Enchanting Fan Veil Choreography

(3 part series)

Sunday 3/3, 3/24 & 4/7,  2-3:30pm

YCC at Franklin Arts Center

(1st floor, west entrance, room 125)

Brainerd Mn

Come and join us for an exciting fan veil series! Discover the enchanting beauty, effortless ease, and graceful flow of fan veils. Trust me, it's a delightful experience that you won't want to miss. So, grab your fan veils (or borrow ours) and get ready to have a blast!


And to make it even more exciting, we'll be learning a super fun and easy choreography that will allow you to seamlessly flow between these movements.


You'll learn:

*the proper way to hold your fans

*how to effortlessly open and close them

*how to gracefully move your veils

*an entire 3 part choreography 

(to Grand Bizarre by Beats Antique)


Get ready to have a blast and take your dancing to the next level! I absolutely love this topic and can't wait to share it with you all.


Want to be a part of something extra fun at the end?  We are performing this fun choreography at our student showcase in May!  All students are welcome to participate!



One time payment of $96


3 payments (monthly) of $32

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Reparative Pricing
I offer reparative pricing to acknowledge historical systems of oppression and to make my work as accessible as possible to those to need it.   Single parents and members of these underrepresented communities are invited to receive a 15% discount as needed: 

Single moms, MENAHT, BIPOC, LGBTQ+

(use code at checkout)

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