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Bonsai Dance®

"Imagine moving through the world with strength, grace & an empowered sense of connection with yourself & others"


Bonsai Dance was created by artist, teacher & performer Megg Shepard.  Bonsai is a group improvisation style of Belly dance.

Group Improvisational styles are often associated with American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion styles of Belly dance


In a Group Improvisational style, the dance is performed by a group consisting of one of more leaders and followers. The dance relies on a shared vocabulary of movements, each initiated by the leader using a distinct cue movement. After the cue, a short choreographed movement sequence, or combo, is performed by the group. The leader chooses the combo based on their interpretation of the music, which is often done spontaneously during the performance. 


The result is a dance that appears choreographed, but is in fact structured improvisation. This format of structured group improvisation was first developed by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman, the founder of American Tribal Style (FCBD).


Bonsai is Megg’s signature form of group improvisation, inspired by martial arts, nature & nerd pop culture.  The martial arts aspects are drawn from Okinawan karate & Qi Gong, making this style strong yet fluid, giving the dancer a sense of empowerment.  Self defense techniques are "hidden" within the dance movements with the purpose of ingraining a sense of security within the body. 


We incorporate the magic of nature to help ground and nurture ourselves and to connect with the world around us.  We integrate nerd references into our dance (Hogwarts & hips, Spirited Away, LOTR) to bring out the playful side and to have fun!

Bonsai is highly inspired by dance styles: {Datura, Fly Fusion, FCBD & ITS.}   

Bonsai has 3 levels

Elemental Flow

Beginner friendly, connect to elements of nature, gentle movements

(details here)     

Cosmic Flow 

Intermediate, connect to lunar cycles and feel inspired

Details coming in 2023

   Goddess Flow

Intermediate/Advanced, connect to the goddess within, release your sensuality

Details coming in 2023


Each Level is designed to connect your mind, body & spirit through dance



If you are new to Belly dance, training in Bonsai will give you the basic vocabulary you need to move on to any other Group Improvisational Style, Fusion styles, or even venture into the worlds of Folkloric or Cabaret styles, if you should choose. 

If you are an experienced Group Improv dancer or Tribal Fusion dancer, Bonsai will give you an expanded vocabulary of brand new combos to use solo or with your troupe! 

Not quite ready, need something more gentle? 

Try Elemental Flow!  It's designed to feel good for all levels

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