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Elemental Flow
Grow your roots

Flow beyond the mat,

break free from the rubber rectangle!


Elemental Flow is a gentle mindful movement series influenced by martial arts, dance and moving meditation.  This mind-body movement experience will help you connect with the elements of nature: 

Earth   Water   Fire   Air   Spirit

By learning the 10 signature movements of Elemental Flow, you will have a vocabulary to move through your chakras (energy centers) and release stuck, stale, or stagnant energy, inviting sensations of balance, harmony, and ease into the body.

This movement practice can be done alone or with a group, and is ideal for those who need relaxing low impact movements. As a compliment to a yoga practice, Elemental Flow explodes your mind-body practice off of the mat and into the room, allowing you to move in expansive, liberating ways that emphasize sensation and experience over rigidly repeated poses.


The movements of Elemental Flow are gentle, feminine, graceful, belly dance inspired, and accessible to most body types and abilities.


Once you’ve mastered all 10 movements of Elemental Flow you can utilize the Element you need at any time if you’re feeling off-kilter, or move through all of them in sequence to bring yourself into harmonious balance.  This series deepens your connection to self and nature. 


Elemental Flow can also be used as a chorus/pillar for Bonsai Dance® and other group improv styles to add connection, fluidity & flow.

Earth   Water   Fire   Air   Spirit

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